Highlights Of Last Month – March 2021


In MARCH 2021

  1. Global solidarity on Women’s Day for incarcerated/falsely charged Indian women activists.
  2. UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention finds Safoora Zargar’s arrest and detention violates human rights.
  3. Report on ‘Caste-Hate Speech’ calls for inclusion of caste in global policies and covenants on hate speech.
  4. Freedom House downgrades India from “free” to “partly free”; notes “Modi and his party are tragically driving India itself towards authoritarianism.”
  5. V-Dem report classifies India as an “electoral autocracy”.
  6. After e-petition crossed 1,00,000 signatures UK Parliament debates press freedoms and safety of protestors in India.
  7. The Humanism Project (Australia) joined Amnesty International in briefing the Australian Parliamentarians on the human rights situation in India on March 15 in Canberra.
  8. Anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen’s new book shows “violence has moved to the centre stage of Indian public life.”
  9. Time Magazine reports on “tightening of academic freedoms” in India.