UAPA enacts process as punishment

It is time for political parties to eschew their blinkered approach and make a concerted effort to repeal this unlawful law

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The police action in Tripura is a reminder that the UAPA is a catch-all law with a grim political caveat. (Illustration by Suvajit Dey)

A narrative is underway, and the Tripura police is showing how it can best be done. First, members of VHP and HJM take out a march protesting against another country. The march attacks houses, shops and vandalises a mosque. Next, a fact-finding team visits the area and releases its findings blaming the police for inaction. Within a few days, the police books the activists under S.13 of UAPA (and other IPC sections), and soon after, another 102 social media users (overwhelmingly Muslims) under the same sections for spreading “objectionable news items and/statements”. The police hold that there was a “one-to-one correlation” between the fact-finding team’s visit and social media users.

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