This website is a live archive where you can read about the state of Indian democracy and the threat that it is under on account of Hindu Nationalism.

Here, you will find up to date media reports and original documents related to what a range of global actors are saying about human rights in India today. This includes what parliamentarians of different countries have said, statements by the United Nations, as well as actions taken by civil society and Human Rights groups from around the world.

Here, you will also have access to resources, such as profiles of political prisoners who are in jail for fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised as well as information regarding laws such the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act which are used to criminalize dissent in the name of counter terrorism, demolishing fundamental rights of Indian citizens.

Given the importance of the Citizenship Amendment Bill – the threat that it poses to the right to citizenship of Indian Muslims as well other marginalized sections of the county and the historic protests against it  – the website will provide a context as well as regular updates on the arrests of protestors, many of whom are being booked under UAPA.

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